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About Me


A dynamic, driven, and multi-talented fashion & footwear designer as well as athlete with extensive experience in product development, focused in technical insulated & waterproof outerwear, performance, streetwear and athletic category concept and technical design. I bring a collaborative attitude and I am an inclusive creative and business leader, self-motivated, independent and committed to superior quality, design and costing.  My goal is always to go the extra 10% in every garment to ensure those small details that are often forgotten about are designed and developed perfectly.  I firmly believe these small details make the difference between good and great.  I am highly experienced in e-commerce strategy development and developing collections along side company wide e-commerce and retail strategies. I like to think about the entire picture, from how a garment will be sold, marketed and worn.


I am a huge animal lover and have a golden retriever named Rufus & a Golden Doodle named Toby who is my go to exploring buddy.  You can usually find me at a spin studio or in the gym, cycling or even golfing.  Being outdoors I love, whether that is for a hike at Garibaldi Lake, Mount Cook in New Zealand or simply a quick trip up Quarry Rock, I love to be outside period.  In the winter I love to ski as much as possible, being originally from Montreal, I am no stranger to cold or even sitting around a bond fiire in -15 weather.  I have been fortunate in my career to be able to travel all over the world, which has led to my passion for experiencing new cultures, foods and way of life.  I am always up for exploring and finding a new restaurant when I travel.  All in all I love to be busy and do new things and live life to the absolute fullest.


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Tel: 778.957.9866

Based in

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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