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Product Design & Strategy Development

Guiding Forward With Design, working with an incredible group, I shaped our product strategy and design for both men’s and women’s lines. My role has grown to lead a creative team of designers & developers, nurturing our seasonal collections and the brand's aesthetic from concept, color, fabric & product roadmap.

The approach to the brand fused the capsule wardrobe philosophy with the unique essence of 3 specific product capsules. This strategy honed a brand direction that's as intentional as it is versatile. Balancing everyday ease with technical precision, the resulting capsules offer a streamlined, adaptable wardrobe for the modern active consumer. Each piece is a building block for style that moves with life's varied pace, shaped by my vision for a seamless experience

The Capsules

Three distinct product capsules, each tailored for unique moments, seamlessly interlock, enabling strategic, harmonious presentation both in-store and online for immersive shopping experiences.

Projects & Collections

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